Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reality Check

What?  What day is this?  What city am I in?  Where am I? 

Right, I have been a.w.o.l. for a while, but with really good cause!  I've been in Sacramento waiting to welcome a new grandson, and here he is! 

Delivered just days ago (but way better late than never!) here is little Sam, ready to go home from the hospital.  His big brother Zach is bursting with pride, and can't wait to have Sam and Mommy at home.

So as Grandma-in-residence (a temporary position), I'm in charge of groceries, cooking and cuddling!  Well, his mom and dad have cuddling priorities, I guess, but I'm claiming all the time I can before I have to head home to St. Louis.

It's really interesting to see the second-born come into a family.  With the first, you get the joy of the fresh, pure, innocent newborn combined with seeing your own child evolve into a parent.

With the second-born, you get all of the above plus the amazing pleasure of seeing the first-born becoming a big brother.  Watching the 3 1/2 year-old coo at his little brother, and pat his head and tell us how soft it is--well, it's a real thrill.

Thanks, kids, for another awesome experience on this journey.  Gulp.  And pass the Kleenex.


  1. Hey! You are in my neck of the woods! I visit my sisters and mom in Folsom often. Well, not the prison but the city. I live about three hours away by car.
    Congratulations on the new little guy! Both of the boys are precious.

  2. Awww, he's gorgeous! Congratulations on your new addition the family. :)

  3. Awww. There's nothing better than a new little one brought into the world. Congrats, Grandma (or is it Nana?).

  4. Congratulations!!!! They are both adorable. Enjoy your time with them.

  5. Congratulations on everything. Except... Sacramento? Just kidding. Kind of. But speaking from experience.

    Enjoy it. The funny grandma is always the favorite. I think you got this.

  6. I love the baby, the Big Brother, the baseball shirt, the red hair.... Have a great time with them!

  7. Awww how cute! Congratulations!

  8. Too cute! Enjoy all the cuddle time you can get in before you have to head home.