Friday, July 2, 2010

Yesterday I heard a story on NPR about the conflicts between modern television in Afghanistan and the religious traditions and laws of that nation.  (Yes, I'm still on Grandma-in-residence duty, but I was on a grocery run!)

So here's the thing... When the reporter was describing the danger that the head of the media conglomerate faces, for emphasis he related that the man "is met at the airport by three SUVs with men with AK-47s riding shotgun."

What's wrong with that?  Well, if you're carrying AK-47s, it seems to me that the seat you're occupying can no longer be termed 'shotgun'.  It should be upgraded about nine levels to 'AK-47', right?

I mean, isn't there some rule of thumb about the highest firepower getting naming and claiming rights?  There's got to be a reason that it was never called 'little tiny Derringer', for heaven's sake. 

My kids used to grab their jackets on the way out of the house, calling "Shotgun!"  I never minded it, because it seemed so random.  I hope I never live to see the day that kids run for the car yelling, "AK-47!"


  1. You crack me up. And please, don't let running out of the house calling AK-47 catch on. LOL. :) Have a fab weekend Leah!

  2. Good point! You're always thinking! And BTW, there's an ad for "Combat Arms" video game beneath this post.

  3. I think when they are armed with AK47's it doesn't really matter what you call the seat. In fact probably doesn't matter where they sit either.

  4. Isn't that the truth? You are too funny -even about something as serious as this.