Friday, June 4, 2010

Names You Just Can't Make Up

This really deserves more attention, and it’s going to get it one day soon, but today’s going to be “Names You Just Can’t Make Up” Friday. Feel free to join me. I won’t do it every week, but today’s sub-specialty will be names that fit the occupation.

Now we’ve all heard of doctors whose names are too crazy to be real, but here are a few that –on my solemn honor—I have witnessed to be true.
An optometrist named Dr. Wink.
A urologist named Dr. Philpott.
An orthopedist named Dr. Bonebrake.
I kid you not.

On this last trip home from Pittsburgh we stopped to see “Historic Richmond, Indiana”. Cute town, and I spotted two signs of significance:
Dr. Jon Tinkle, Chiropractor, and “Craig, Kelley and Faultless – Personal Injury Attorneys”. Really, though, with a name like Faultless, what other business makes sense?

We recently had a local man running for office whose name was Luter. Don’t politicians have enough trouble?

One recent day a student returned a book to the school library where I volunteer. The title: Inline Skating. The author? Steve Glidewell. And as my close personal friend (as if) Dave Barry would say, I swear I am not making this up.


  1. LOL! So funny.. Have never thought of paying close attention to the name and the occupation.. This is really LOL stuff:-)
    Thnxs, Leah!

  2. Hilarious! You have to wonder if their last names didn't play at least a little part in them choosing those careers.

  3. Love it! I only wish I could conjure any of the serendipitous/coincidental names-that-match-professions I've noticed from time to time.

    Stopping by from SITS (well, you stopped by my blog first, and now I'm paying you a visit!).

  4. Once went to a doctor named Healed.

    Went to school with two girls by the name of Crotchfelt.

  5. My general physician is Paul L'Ecuyer (pronounced LeCure) Fitting enough....

  6. With a name like Lizzie Borden, I had to appreciate your post!
    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  7. You are too funny! Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier! :)

  8. Funny!! Very funny. Back in Detroit, there was a morning radio show that would have a contest for funniest actual name, and then they would "call" that person and ask them way they didn't change their name. One memorable one was "Harry Butte" ;-)

  9. I work with a doctor (an MD) named Dr. Wisdom. He probably should have been an oral surgeon.

  10. 2 old ones I recall (from a town I lived in years ago) are Dr. Payne (podiatrist) and a business named Fall's Security (read it outloud).

    I married into the Tannenbaum family, so I only have to suffer the obvious jokes seasonally (the real irony is that my husband's family is jewish). His grandfather's name began with an 'O'.

  11. I went to college with a girl with the last name of Doctor. She had two siblings in the medical field. That's right, Nurse Doctor and Doctor Doctor.