Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More of the Birds and the Boys

When last we met, I told you everything you need to know about the birds and the boys. I showed you pictures of a bird building a nest in the hanging planter of geraniums on my deck. I also took my life in my hands to show you a photo of my husband, the Center of the Universe (CoTU), handling a bit of yard work. Why was that taking my life into my hands? Let’s just say that CoTU was less than pleased with being ‘outed’ as the kind of outdoorsman who wears more protective gear to trim shrubs than certain sherpas take to Kilimanjaro. I’m just saying…

Now why he actually posed for the pictures with no caveats as to their possible publication in this blog is beyond me. It’s been nearly two years since I started this venture and he might have noticed that just about everything is fair game. Then again, I’ve been with this man for more than 16 years, and you’d think that I might have noticed that he doesn’t always notice. Anything. But that’s another blog post for another day.

Meanwhile, I have new photos to share! The baby birds hatched a couple of days ago! When we first peeked into the nest, it was amazing to see lots of little semi-translucent bodies, wings and skulls that were scarcely recognizable as birds. Now they have fuzzy heads and the clear beginnings of feathers on those teensy bodies. It’s a remarkable thing to see.

Day One: Look at those limp bodies, and that one open yaw!

New definition of 'piling on'. Such bug eyes!

Feed me! Feed me! Feed me!

See the mama bird at far left? She's going in with food!

Look at this dude! Talk about a bad hair day! His fuzziness reminds me of the famous Albert Einstein photo!

Now when I post a photo of a deck sighting of spindly legs, and open mouth waiting to be fed*, I may have to clarify: is it a bird—or is it CoTU?

*One of CoTU’s favorite questions, asked frequently throughout the day is “Is it time for me to be fed yet?”

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Birds and the Boys

Yes, it’s summertime here in St. Louis, as it doubtless is where you are, too. The thing is that summer in St. Louis means living in a steam bath. We are known for the Gateway Arch, the fabulous baseball Cardinals, toasted ravioli, and the Endless Humidity Festival. It’s seriously like living in a terrarium with countless heat lamps accelerating the moisture content of the air. It’s hard to breathe outside on days such as the ones we’re having now. The heat index here was 115 a few days ago, and unlike what they say in Phoenix, it is NOT a dry heat.

Yes. I am done complaining.

But there are other signs of summer. Look at this! These adorable LBJ-birds (Little Brown Jobbies) are building a nest INSIDE OF MY GERANIUM pot! I watched them over the course of several days, and they were diligent, indeed. Now the nest is complete, and contains four little bird eggs. It doesn’t get much cuter than this.

And speaking of cute, check out my husband, the Center of the Universe (CoTU). Of course, when he sees this post, he may decide to become my EX-husband, but hey—he posed for the pictures. What did he expect? He ventured out one day (before the heat index went into the 100s) to trim some shrubs, and when I took him some cold water this is what I saw! I had to get the camera.

People go on safari with less gear than this. He’s wearing safety glasses, hearing protection (that leaf blower IS noisy, after all), a knee support brace, and a dust mask. Yes, my intrepid protector, braving the front yard.

Thanks, CoTU, for your caution and good sense. Good thing you don’t have to build a nest inside a hanging planter. You don’t have the equipment for it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Headlines, Deadlines and Unbelievable Stuff

A couple of observations on the small and somewhat obscure items in the news, submitted for your amusement.

First, this tiny headline caught my eye in the newspaper recently: Wounded man dies in restaurant.

Nothing special, you think? Well, maybe, except for one thing. The article went on to say that the death actually took place in a White Castle. I’ve never heard anyone refer to White Castle as a ‘restaurant’ before.

Second, there’s a report that 54-year old Catherine Maria Pileggi was upset that her multi-millionaire boyfriend wanted to end their relationship. She stabbed the 70-year old Ronald Vinci several times in the chest, shot him in the head, cut his throat and fractured his skull, according to the police in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She said he died in a fall.

Really? From what—the 104th floor balcony you pushed him out of? Shouldn’t you have thought of something just a touch more believable before you stabbed, shot and slashed him? What were the odds that the police (not to mention the undertaker) weren’t going to notice those nasty and bleeding wounds?

That’s all for today from FITNY—where funny is STILL the new young, and where you still can’t fix stupid.