Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things I Want Thursday- It's All About Darfur

Since Groundhog Day was this week, let me start with world peace. (Surely you saw the movie? Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell… But I digress.)

And world peace leads me to Darfur. And how sometimes there’s a good reason to take a day off from ‘funny’.

A friend of mine created an amazing video to focus some attention on the ongoing crisis in Darfur. She set it to music called “I Pity You”. The message is not what you think. It’s not about pitying the people of Darfur and what they have endured. It’s about pitying the people who don’t see it, who don’t get it, and who don’t care. The music was written by a friend of hers by the name of Damien Maddison.

I urge you to watch it, and I challenge you to feel it. And of course, do something about it.

Here's the link:

And before you ask-- the friend who created this wants to remain anonymous, but I will forward any comments to her!


  1. Oh what a lovely thing to do. Many blessings to your friend and to you as well. Darfur needs all the help possible and this is indeed, a lovely gesture.

  2. Powerful video. The song she set it to fits perfectly. We can't close our eyes on things like that.