Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lookin' For Love in --Where???

Remember the old song “Lookin’ For Love In All the Wrong Places”? There’s a new spin on that…

It seems that there’s a man in West Frankfort, Illinois who’s taken the age-old search for love to a new venue: the parking lot.

Yes, Jon Hemminghaus is running around the parking lots of Southern Illinois plastering fliers on the windshields of cars to help him in his quest.

The flier reads “WANTED: A woman that can put up with this man.” So of course it has his photograph on the poster, plus an incentive of a $500 reward for the wise and/or lucky person who hooks him up with his one true love. –or failing, that, finds him a woman who will go on at least six dates with him.

According to a story out of the Southern Illinoisan, (see, I am not making this up), Hemminghaus says that he’s looked “every place there was to search. It’s hard to do. It’s hard to meet someone. I tried online, but you end up spending 15 minutes writing to someone and never get a response.” He describes himself as a little bashful, and says that makes it hard to meet a gal. (Good thing he doesn’t know about my visceral reaction to the word ‘gal’.)

He says he’s good at thinking outside the box. I’ll say.

The flier goes on to describe what he’s looking for: a single Christian female who enjoys life, has the ability to laugh, likes motorcycles and is not lazy or mean. Well, that’s a pretty cool profile. Lots of people have done worse, so who’s to judge?

I say, go for it, Jon Hemminghaus! You’ve got a novel approach, and you might just find the perfect mate this way. Just pick the right parking lot. I’m thinking outside a daycare center?—bad idea. But outside a church, a fitness center or a beauty shop?—better odds. Keep an open mind.

As a public service, I’m running your photo here, Jon Hemminghaus. You just never know who may see this and take a shine to you. You seem like a nice enough guy, and I like your ingenuity. Besides, anyone who doesn’t like mean people, and is willing to admit, as you did, that “it ain’t no fun being alone” is all right in my book.

I hope you find your ‘pot of gold’ not under the rainbow, but under the windshield wiper.