Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Bright Side of Surgery: Flowers!

Yes, I am almost done (for the third time) blogging about my surgery. Hey, at least I’m not showing you my stitches, or describing my pain on a scale of one to six. Nor am I sharing my digestive process, so let’s keep it in perspective, shall we?

Nope, I just wanted to share the beautiful side of the surgery with you. Didn’t think there was one, did you? Well, here it is, in the form of photos I waited a few days too long to take, but still… My kids sent these gorgeous flowers, and they did SO much to brighten my mood! Pink roses, white calla lilies and stunning foliage. Check it all out, and forgive me the sub-standard photography. I should have done better, but there you are. Blame it on the pain killers.

Now check out the card. Sweet, isn’t it?

Yeah, except for the fact that I’m not Lucy. And I haven’t had a Momma in twenty years, and there is no Dan. WTF?

So we called FTD, referenced the order number, and they verified that my order really WAS for pink roses and white calla lilies and they read me what MY card was supposed to say. Then they actually sent me the proper card. It was full of love and caring and get well wishes, and it was actually signed by people I gave birth to, the people they a)married and b) are engaged to and c) gave birth to!

Color me happy, and color me fortunate.


  1. Flowers are awesome. I always love to get flowers no matter the occasion.

  2. Hey Leah! That is too bizarre. Ok, so the florist screwed up. We all make mistakes, but they responded well, which is a good indicator of whether they're any good as a business. I'd use them again! And I liked the photos! Indigo

  3. The wrong card...that must have given you pause! The flowers are gorgeous.

  4. The flowers are amazing.. Hope you recover soon!! **Hugs**

  5. The flowers are beautiful. You have sweet kids.

  6. Lucy, just wait for your birthday. MOMMA and I are gonna get ya somethin real nice...