Friday, September 18, 2009

Thanks, Other Leah!

Yes, yes, I know I said we’d have “Good Manners and Common Courtesy, Part II” next, but that will be postponed (pardon the pun) for one more pressing mention here today.

I’ve been honored to make a guest appearance on Life Letters, found at

Yes, we may have formed the world’s smallest club—Leahs Who Blog.

Leah sent me a dozen or so questions to which I replied in as funny a manner as I could muster, and she had the good grace to post that whole interview-from-afar on her blog today.

Please stop by, and give her a shout! She writes a great blog, and we all love the company.

Thanks again, Leah! I just like saying that, since I don't know many other Leahs...


  1. Thanks for that!!! I have confused many readers because I am a touch crazy and they thought I was doing a guest blog and the guest blogger was me..... Oh well. It was fun Thank you! I will let you know tomorrow how many people have come by to see you.

  2. Ha! Loved the college prank! I would have loved to be in on that one.

  3. I will visit, seeing as you asked me to (and it's either that or do the back yard). :)

  4. Hi Leah!

    I just stopped by and read your interview.


    You go, girl!

  5. Leahs who blog? LOL. Hey, there are a lot of Stephanies who blog. Maybe we should start a club!

  6. Double Leah time. Loved the interview. SO fun.