Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is There Another Side of This Story?

Some readers and friends have been asking whether the Center of the Universe minds being blogged about. Common question: Doesn’t he want to tell his side of the story?

Others have asked about whether all the attention is going to his head.

Answer to the first question: Let him get his own blog. It’s not my problem.

Answer to the second question: How would that change anything? (Assuming we could even notice.)

Answer to the unasked question: He respects funny more than he respects truth. Sometimes.


  1. This rings SO true in my house!

    I don't have your email to reply personally, but I just wanted to say thank you for your comment on my bigmouthed rant. I'm just so sick how this country has seemed to lose sight of the loss and togetherness we felt right after 9/11 and now it's this sick mess of war between ourselves and other horribly dangerous countries. Enough, indeed.

    I wholeheartedly believe we need to honor the casualties (including the soldiers and the innocents killed by our people fighting in the Middle East) of this whole thing. But there doesn't seem to be much of that anymore. It got lost somewhere in the mix, it appears.

    Of course my words are stronger than my true feelings, my posts are always more brash than my true convictions, but I just wish that if we are all going to drag this Patriot Day thing out, we do it in the spirit of honoring those that we lost that day and in the resulting wars and in a way that truly brings us all together as a nation.

  2. My boyfriend used to read my blog when it was on MySpace and he'd be notified every day. Now that I've moved over here, the notification doesn't work. We've tried several times but the e-mails don't come through. So now he forgets to read...which means I have the freedom to write about whatever I want to write!

  3. It's not my wife I could go to town on when I write my blog, it's the rest of my family!

    I tend not to though. It's not really a case of life being simpler this way and more that there's enough negativity around, so I'll save my allocation for when it really matters.

  4. Knowing the CoTU, he's loving the attention, which should give you more fodder to write about. Everybody wins!