Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Losing My Flock

So the nest is empty once again. The birds have flown (literally) and I’m searching every little nook and cranny for a feather. When I find one, it just brings me down.

Three-year old Zachary left his train whistle. His momma left a fleece jacket. My son and the daffodil (De Facto Daughter-In-Law, if you’re new here) left behind a list they will need with them. It all makes me miss them more. So I’m packing stuff to mail off, and drying my tears as I go.

Just a day ago the house was full of life and extra beds and loads of wet towels. Sink full of dishes, and food everywhere, and noise and music and talk, talk, talk. The signs of life that I miss so much now.

CoTU and I just can’t muster up that level of activity alone. I will give him credit for dirtying almost as many dishes as we did with all the houseguests, and the extended family that we had here to see them. He does what he can to add to the clutter, and I certainly appreciate it. (Sarcasm is just another service we offer here at the House of Casa de Rubin Place.) He is sympathetic, and is trying to cheer me up by reminding me how soon we’ll see them all again. Yeah, but why do they have to live so far away?

With the kids here, my in-laws came over; my step-daughter came by, my brother and sister-in-law, sister-in-law and brother-in-law, four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves and the proverbial partridge in a pear tree. There was activity, conversation and a constant flow of food. And the resulting dishes. And we looked upon it, and yea—it was all good.

Now I see emptiness and stack upon stack of folded sheets and towels. Signs of a family departed.

On the bright side, however, I’m only washing dishes for two. This means that my semi-chapped hands may heal up.

On the sad side, however, the floor puzzles are put away and the children’s books have been returned to the library. Z and I were doing an “I Spy” puzzle on the kitchen floor Sunday, when everyone else was out. It was for ages 5 and up, and the Z-man is 3. I figured we could do it together.

Problem one: the puzzle, it turns out, is shaped like a gingerbread man. Aren’t there federal laws about puzzles being square or rectangular? There should be. Problem two: the pieces are repetitive and somewhat warped.

Me: “This is hard work, isn’t it?”

Zachary: “This is hod wuck.”

Me: “Should we work on his head first?”

Zachary: “Gwamma, this piece has a buy-see-co on it. Let’s look foe the west of the buy-see-co.”

Hmmm… Pretty good thinking for a little dude. Maybe if I were five…


  1. So, I come to Funny is the New Young, and what do I get? Sobs and tears...just kidding. I don't have kids or family that visits, but I do remember the day and how sad it was when the crowd left. Such an empty feeling, not only in the house but in the heart as well, or was that just something I ate? Sorry, kidding again. After all, it does say funny at the top.
    I hope you get some sunshine today. It may help brighten things.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time with your family. I hope they get to come back soon for a visit. Your grandson is adorable.

  3. I'm with you -- my daughter, three granddaughters, and two dogs left a week ago. The house is never more alive than when they're here. Your grandson is a sweetie!

  4. I guess it's them leaving for a spell that makes their visits all the more rewarding! Now youcan rest for a bit until the next one. By that time you might have your laundry done.

    Oh, and yes I agree with you. ALL puzzles should be flat and square. Who thought up 3D puzzles? Makes me look bad.

  5. Oh my, what a cute red-haired puzzle partner! I hope they'll all be back again soon!

    Okay, and I have to tell you that my word verification is "nests." Except now it will be something else because I came back to add this note.

  6. Man, that puzzle looks intense and he sounds so adorable. Hope they're back in town soon :)

    In the meantime, enjoy the emptier sink!

  7. Oh, man. I'm heading in your general direction faster than a falling feather. My 18 year old will be off to college and I will over-dote on my 14 year old.

    But the sadness has already crept up on both of us. Just yesterday my husband shed a tear as he told me about their upcoming trip to check out a University clear across the country.

    I think I'll follow your lead...gotta laugh or we'll get depressed.

    Love your blog and glad I found it in the nick of time:)