Monday, December 14, 2009

Modesty and the Universal Law

Ponder this: I'm visiting my daughter and her wonderful family out-of-town. My son-in-law admonishes my (soon-to-be 3-year old) grandson not to go into the bathroom while Grandma's in the shower. I'm fine with that, but even if he did, what's the worst that could happen?

If he saw me naked, it'd be a lot like seeing his mommy coming out of the shower, only saggy and baggy. He'd get a good first-hand lesson on the aging process.

In fact, if Sir Isaac Newton at age three had seen his Grandma coming out of the shower, he probably would have discovered the Law of Gravity a whole lot sooner.


But you knew that...

I'm just saying...


  1. That's cute. I'll bet the son-in-law just wanted to make sure you had your privacy. I'd kill to have someone tell my 3yo that and have him actually listen. The only way I get to do anything in the bathroom alone is if my husband is home and I can lock the door.

  2. We have no lock on our bathroom door and my wife's teenage son has no bedroom door whatsoever.

    It's either going to turn out alright or get very ugly very soon. Jury's out on which.

  3. That is too funny. personally I like my privacy, but a 3 year old will do what they will and some lessons must be learned the hard way.

  4. "Mom, Grandma needs ironing!"
    "Oh! Look away darling!"

  5. Thanks for the laugh on this very gray Monday morning.

  6. I love it.
    And you just may be right about Sir Issac.

  7. When I acquired an 8-year-old stepdaughter, I had to learn to give up my usual privacy. Now with her two kids under 3 coming here every day, we are (mostly) modest, but not uptight about it. She, and they, have much better attitudes about their bodies than I did, growing up in a house where nobody ever saw nothin.'

  8. Growing up we only had one bathroom and it was so small, there was no room to get dressed in there. I got my first look of old lady syndrome at seven. I didn't think it was all that big of a deal, but grandma sure did!

  9. I am laughing aloud. Right now. Still laughing!

    Great blog - I'll be back often. :)

  10. Happy Thursday! I have a little something waiting for you at my blog today. Come see! ;-)