Sunday, August 9, 2009

So this is my opportunity to speak my piece, put it out there, let you get to know me. In for a dime, in for a dollar, they used to say, so here we go. I think of myself as a humorist, but perhaps I'm kidding myself. I actually come from a long line of kidders. My mother's people were Kidders. Well, no, they weren't.

If you ask me if I'm a poet, I'd say iamb. I'm a freelance writer who has been intimidated by the blogging format, despite my enjoyment of reading others' blogs. Now that (I think) I have this medium in my grasp, I'll be posting regularly. I'd like this to be a conversation with you, so your comments will be welcome. Come-- let us blog together.

I'm a baby-boomer, married to an engineer (slide rule, not choo choo), mother of four (two mine, two his), and grandmother of two. My husband and I are celebrating fifty years of marriage: twenty-five for him, seventeen for me, and eight together. He's semi-retired, working from home. I've established my solidarity with the sage words of Rosalyn Carter (former First Lady, if you're under 40), "For better or for worse, but not for lunch." Yeah, riiiiiight.

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