Friday, August 14, 2009

Coincidence? You Decide.

Geez, I’m nothing if I’m not timely! Just got an e-mailed news bulletin stating that Lynette Fromme was released from prison in Texas. Life is funny, and ever so unpredictable. Who knew she would crop up in today’s news stories? Well, I guess the Texas prison officials did, but I have no contacts there. I’m just saying…

What next? The release of Sara Jane Moore? Could the two of them go on a lecture tour? Will they call themselves “Would-Be Assassins Here for a Buck”? “We Went to Jail, But Ford’s Still Dead”? “Stephen Sondheim Made Money Off Our Madness”? (Both were represented in the Sondheim musical “Assassins”.)

Life takes its share of odd turns. And they’re not always funny. Obviously.

1 comment:

  1. This is getting very, very eerie. You definitely need to be careful about who you write about next... maybe the Cubbies???