Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Wild Kingdom

You remember my bunco club, the Dicey Housewives of West County, don’t you? Yes, the ten of us have been getting together for years on the second Monday of the month to play bunco. There used to be twelve of us, but the other two let sanity overtake them, and they dropped out. We ten survivors probably laugh too much to be tolerated on a regular basis. It’s better this way.

Anyway, over the years we have come to realize that in July and August we are too scattered (geographically, not mentally—that’s permanent) to gather enough members for our usually rousing evening of throwing dice and rotating among the tables. (If you don’t play bunco, just visualize a game of musical chairs punctuated by a gaggle of giggling grandmas asking each other what number we’re on.) So we do what otherwise normal women do—we go out to dinner instead.

Here I will pause to point out that alcohol is not, and has never been involved in our get-togethers. We’re all pretty sure we could be dangerous with a glass or two of chardonnay in us.

But back to our story…

At our August dinner, everyone was laughing, talking and sharing stories. We try to keep each other apprised of the comings and goings in our families, the travels, the remodeling, the moving, the medical issues, the not-to-be-missed recipes, and the ways in which our husbands drive us batty.

Suddenly Jan says, “Oh, Leah—I was thinking about you! The other night I was getting ready for bed, and last thing, I’m about to go to the bathroom. I lift the lid on the toilet and see that there’s something in there! I think, ‘Oh, the grandkids were over earlier, and one of them forgot to flush.’ Then, as I’m about to reach for the handle, I see this thing BLINK at me! Then I realize it’s a frog! I close the lid as fast as I can, and start yelling for Stu (her husband) to come in. My voice got so high-pitched, he thinks I’ve hurt myself or something.”

No, Jan did not take a picture.
Consider this a facsimile.

Jan went on to tell us how long it took for the two of them to get the frog flushed away. The next day, she called the Metropolitan Sewer District to report this, and to see what could be done to keep it from recurring. She was redirected to the water company. Jan thought she had a “you won’t believe this” tale to tell, but the customer service representative at Missouri American Water Company was unfazed. “You wouldn’t believe how common this is,” she said.

She also said that there was virtually nothing that could be done to prevent it from happening again.


This led us all to speculating about what might have happened if it had been a snake or a rat. Yes, we all spoiled our appetites ‘going there’. But we all vowed to keep our toilet lids down at all times, just in case. Not that it would help much if a snake wanted to slither out.

But as the laughter died down and we were all grimacing at the possibilities, I had a thought.

“Jan,” I began. “I’ve never had a frog in my toilet before, so what made you start this story by saying that you thought of me the other night?”

“Well,” she began, “You did have squirrels in the attic, a chipmunk in the ceiling, and mice in the garage. You’ve had more in-house wildlife than anyone I know.”

“So I’m like a cross between Martha Stewart and Steve Irwin?” I asked.

She agreed. I went home and polished my squirrel traps.


  1. ack!! I have a friend who keeps a cinderblock on her toilet to this day because she grew up in a place where snakes crawled up the toilet pretty regularly.

    She also doesn't- um- spend extra time reading the paper in there. If you know what I mean ;)

  2. Thank you! It's great to start my day with a big laugh! And, it reminded that I have a squirrel in my trap that's need to go to a new home today!

  3. Hah! You have a reputation to uphold! And now you've reminded me that I used to worry about wildlife in the toilet in the dark of the night. I'll probably start turning the light on again, just in case.

  4. Pretty common in florida and louisiana not so sure where you live, our youngest kitty cat Mr. Miyagi, likes to stay in the bowl when it gets too hot outside, my husbang gently lifts him out, i don't care, he is sleepig, he nearly fits in the bowl, getting bigger and now half in and half out..keeps us giggling here..ciao..

  5. sorry about my english, been up was talking to our only daughter in NYC she is holed up, has a pretty good sizes bathroom and will stay there with her crated cat tiny one if the storm comes in ferociously.which I feel it talked to her for many hours, now I got to paint and paint and then grab some grub at the local safeway, oh, I am tired, love your blog..ciao mjs

  6. Hey Leah! So, you finally admit to having "squirrels in the attic"? I knew it! But so long as spiders don't go all amphibious, I'm good. Indigo x

  7. great story, i needed a laugh this morning...stopping by via SITS :)