Thursday, July 7, 2011

Headlines, Deadlines and Unbelievable Stuff

A couple of observations on the small and somewhat obscure items in the news, submitted for your amusement.

First, this tiny headline caught my eye in the newspaper recently: Wounded man dies in restaurant.

Nothing special, you think? Well, maybe, except for one thing. The article went on to say that the death actually took place in a White Castle. I’ve never heard anyone refer to White Castle as a ‘restaurant’ before.

Second, there’s a report that 54-year old Catherine Maria Pileggi was upset that her multi-millionaire boyfriend wanted to end their relationship. She stabbed the 70-year old Ronald Vinci several times in the chest, shot him in the head, cut his throat and fractured his skull, according to the police in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She said he died in a fall.

Really? From what—the 104th floor balcony you pushed him out of? Shouldn’t you have thought of something just a touch more believable before you stabbed, shot and slashed him? What were the odds that the police (not to mention the undertaker) weren’t going to notice those nasty and bleeding wounds?

That’s all for today from FITNY—where funny is STILL the new young, and where you still can’t fix stupid.


  1. Hey Leah! Fixing stupid is not an option. Well, not before lunch, anyway. Indigo

  2. Hahaha, White Castle a restaurant! I suppose it's all within perception of what you define and a fine dining experience!

    With knife in one hand, shotgun in the other and blood on her shirt....Um I dunno officer, he just tripped and died suddenly. Diet Coke anyone?

  3. Hah! A perfectly wonderful post. More, please!

  4. My grandfather used to take me to White Castle - back in the day when they tasted different. W.C. is the Castle of Fast Food in our fam! LOL

    Bad relationships always end badly don't they? With lies and regrets?

    I enjoyed my visit - got just the right amount of humor before I have my afternoon coffee!