Friday, October 8, 2010

More Name Game

Another one for the books…

Remember the post about all the people whose names fit their occupations? People like Dr. Philpott, the urologist, and Dr. Wink, the optometrist, and Dr. Bonebrake, the orthopedic surgeon? Yeah, there were lots more, and YOU—my fabulous readers wrote in with lots of examples from your own experience.

Well, here’s another fine example. You may not be able to read the tiny print that tells you the name of this dentist, but perhaps you’ve seen the ad yourself. I tore this out of a magazine and saved it to share with you.

Her name? Dr. Joyce Fang. I kid you not. I mean, how bizarre is that—who ever heard of a dentist named Joyce?


  1. *snort* A dentist named Joyce, seriously!

    There is a vet near our house named Dr. Hoot. I assume (s)he doesn't work on owls, but it still makes me smile when I see the sign.

  2. Ridiculous that there is a dentist named Joyce. What I want to know is why Brooke Shields is up on a pedestle or if Dr. Fang is just very, very short.

  3. OY, I meant pedestal.....I was so distracted my little Dr. Fang.