Monday, September 6, 2010

Photo Opps

It’s been a busy and interesting week. It started with a lunch with my husband, the Center of the Universe (CoTU). Here’s how intense and personal it feels to have lunch with him.

Oh yes, I could go on-- I actually took eight of them, but I'm bored just uploading them, so I'll spare you.  You can thank me later. 

And don't let the glass fool you-- we're not Pepsi people.  Even the water comes in Pepsi glasses, though, at this little barbecue place!

This actually reminds me of the time we were on a cruise with another couple.  CoTU was so busy shooting video for eight straight days, my only human interactions were with our friends.  I ended up taking over twenty photos of CoTU taking videos.  I shot him from the side and from the back, so he never knew I was doing it.  When we got home, I had my pictures developed (how quaint!-- but it was in the year 2000) and put them in a little album.  I gave it to CoTU as a gift, and he thought it was hilarious.  He saw St. Thomas, San Juan, and much of the Caribbean through a tiny lens... Ahhh, my life...

Meanwhile, back to present day life, such as it is.
The next day, when I came out of the supermarket and got into my car, I noticed that the car facing mine in the parking lot had its engine running, but no one was in it. Ah—then the driver lifted her head, and I got a look. I took her picture, thinking you might enjoy seeing how talented some dogs are here in Wildwood. I am wondering, however, how she reaches the pedals. That’s a big damn car!

Another couple of days went by, and CoTU and I came out of our favorite local coffee and sandwich shop to find this piece of automotive finery at the curb. It just cried out for me to take its picture, so I did… Over and over again. Do you think it’s trying to tell us something?

I see lots of messages there, and the vanity plate even reflects the owner’s hobby. Perhaps the goal is to cover the whole car in bumper stickers. It would cut down on glare, and it would certainly reduce the risk of theft. I can’t imagine anyone stealing this car, and thinking they wouldn’t get caught. Then again, there’s the Tiger Woods mentality…


  1. CoTU is a dream boat. Very funny idea giving him a photo album of him shooting photos.

  2. Holy mess, that is a lot of stickers on that car. That would probably make my husband cringe.

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  4. I would love to see what your husband was photographing while you were photographing him. I bet that was a great site! ;D

  5. that's a car! That's something I've noticed for a while. People go on vacation and don't enjoy themselves because they're spending the whole time looking through the lens of their cameras.