Friday, May 21, 2010

Measuring the Eye Roll Factor

A Bloggy Play in Penguin Town

(Not to be confused with A Foggy Day in London Town.)

A play in one act

Act I, Scene I

Husband is in shower. Wife is reading USA Today at the desk in an overpriced hotel room in downtown (here pronounced “don-ton”) Pittsburgh.

Bathroom door opens. Hubbin emerges, wearing a towel wrapped around his waist, face covered in shaving cream, hair dripping wet.

He speaks:

“You know, I was just thinking about your blog. A thought occurred to me in the shower. When you call me the Center of the Universe, are you being sarcastic?”

Wife looks up in wide-eyed wonder. She speaks, deadpan:

“No. Huh-uh. Not at all.”

Husband nods in acknowledgement. “Cool. I didn’t think so.”

He returns to bathroom, razor in hand.

Eye roll factor: 10


  1. Hey Leah! Perfect. I hit the notes, but never in as few words. Damn you. Indigo

  2. We all need someone in our lives who doesn't speak Sarcasm.

    What happens when he reads this post, though?

  3. Haha, nice concise measurement. Must remember that.

  4. How funny! Men! Gotta love 'em!