Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bumper Stickers

Yesterday I saw one that said “Just be nice.”

Doesn’t that say it all? It goes back to my previous rants about manners and courtesy and the apparent lack thereof in our society today.

Just be nice.

It totally made my day.

Nothing political, nothing ideological, nothing divisive or even competitive.
Not “My kid is an honors student at Central High”. Not “State University Football”. Not “Boycott Them” or “Vote for Him” or “Save the Whales”. Not “Conquer Cancer” or “Walk for Alzheimer’s” or “Fight Autism” or “Share the Road”.

I have nothing against the whales, the candidates, the teams or the honors students. I personally support all of the whales, some of the candidates, a team or two, and every honors student I can single-handedly identify.

I oppose cancer (in all its many-ribboned forms), Alzheimer’s, and Autism. I gladly share the road with bicyclists. I have been known to boycott, walk, fight and share, though maybe not all at the same time.

But I rarely display a bumper sticker.

My previous favorite was “Serving Donuts on Another Planet”. My son is a big fan of “Jesus Loves You—Everyone Else Thinks You’re an A**hole”. I have to admit, I like that a lot, too. Probably because it applies to so many people. But I definitely have a new favorite. Three little words.

Just be nice.

Some years ago I had co-worker who coveted the “Mean People Suck” bumper sticker, but declined to put one on her car because she had a young daughter. I admired her standards, and thought she was right to remain above the fray on that one. I’d love to find her, and send her my new fave. And one for her daughter, too!


  1. Hi Leah, I'm not a bumper sticker type either; it's a car, not a billboard. But I take my hat off to "Just Be Nice". It's simple and inoffensive, like all adverts should be. And while that makes it all the more profound, it's also slightly knowing and insidious. I love it. Where do I get one? Indigo

  2. Absolutely. Just what Indigo said. Some things are so simple.

  3. I don't do bumber stickers either, but you are right; that's a good one!

  4. I would just email you but you don't appear to have an email address listed in your profile. Alas, I'm left to leave a lengthy comment.
    Two things:
    1) Thank you so much for your expressed concern on one of my previous posts. Really, you have no idea how much it means to me. I intend to write another post elaborating a bit about some of those "crazies" and to assure everyone that I'm FINE. But, again, your expressed concern really meant a great deal.
    2) I really like your blog. So much so, I can't believe I neglected to include you when I handed out awards recently. But, since I get to make up the rules, I'm hereby giving 'em to ya now. I'm gonna go back in, revise the post, and add your blog to the list. Because I CAN. Have a great day. :)

  5. i just have an apple computers logo sticker on my car... and its on my window... I don't like bumper stickers on my car, but I do enjoy reading them.

  6. Just be nice. That might actually slow me down on a day where I was feeling impatient. I don't generally have road rage but I do get panicky on the rare occasion I'm lost AND late for something. A bumper sticker like that might be just the thing I needed to see to stop me.

  7. If only more people followed the advice on that bumper sticker.

  8. I like that too... My brother and sister in law have a piece of artwork in their guest room that says, "Be nice, or leave." I liked that too :)