Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Welcome to Nerdville

I’ve told you many times before that my husband, the Center of the Universe (CoTU) and I are nerds. And while I don’t like to brag—we’re world-class nerds. I mean, other nerds are embarrassed to know us. That’s just how ultra-nerdy we are.

Here’s what I’m saying.

We can’t just replace our dishwasher when it dies. We research it to death. Other people watch the ads in the newspaper (see? –non-nerds don’t even get a newspaper) to see where they can get the brand they like, get the best price, or free delivery. Us? No, we start with Consumer Reports (yep! –we have an online membership) and from there we move on to online chats, forums, even Amazon’s website to read user reviews. Nerdville.

Same thing with a cleaning service to do a “move-out” deep cleaning of my in-laws’ condo. Don’t just get a name from a neighbor—no, we go to Angie’s List, comb through their ratings and reviews, make the phone calls, ask the questions, and make an informed decision.

Last week it was the same thing when our freezer bit the dust. Research, research, research. Look at the ratings, the dimensions, the wattage, the energy efficiency, the reliability—have I left anything out? No. Then I scour the websites of the big local and national retailers to find the best deal on the make and model we identify as what we want.

So. Do you think I’m gloating about what a great job we do? Not even close.

1. Dishwasher: The compartment for the drying agent leaked from day one. Hello, repairman! Our glasses don’t fit well in the upper racks, so loading it is not pleasant to this day.

2. The cleaning service that was supposed to take four hours to clean the condo took EIGHT! And they didn’t even touch the oven! What? I hesitate to tell you that they turned off the refrigerator—a big no-no in a vacant condo.

3. Freezer: Can’t turn it off. The instruction book says to press the electronic pad’s ‘down’ button till you get to ‘0’. Sorry—it goes down to ‘1’ and no further. Repairman’s scheduled for Thursday. [I was turning it off to wash down the interior, per the book’s instructions, before loading it.]

Moral of the story? Quit the investigation, bag the inquiries and the research, and pick one you like the looks of.

At least you won’t feel cursed by the universe and doomed to make the wrong decision. Not to mention the time you’ll save.


  1. Ya know, I used to research appliances but it just got more confusing and frustrated. It always seem to be apples to oranges.

    I finally found a local appliance dealer (rather than a big box) and ask their opinion. They usally match or come close to the price of the other guys and I have not been disappointed. I am a huge proponent of buying local so this fits right in. I have recently bought a refrigerator and dryer and it's been much easier.

  2. Leah, I'm usually the same way: I analyze everything to death. But I've found that what you say is true. I married my wonderful husband after only 4 months of getting to know him. That turned out great. And we just bid on a house 4 hours after seeing it only once. I have utter peace we'll be deliriously happy there. Yes, there are some things you don't want to analyze too much, because when something is right, it's RIGHT!

  3. Hmm. I use the nerd system. I have Consumer Reports online, too, and then I go to the user reviews on various sites. I come up with a couple of choices or make a list of must-have features and things to watch out for. But you're right, it's not always reliable!

  4. Hey Leah!

    As my momma used to say "Geeky is as geeky does, Forrest."

    Or, as we all know, no smart thought should go unpunished.


  5. Bummer ... that has to sting a bit to put so much work in and still get shorted. Sorry!

    Visiting from SITS :)