Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What Does it All Mean?

I saw a decal on a car window in my grocery store parking lot yesterday. It read “Second-Generation Air Bags”. I thought, is that something to be proud of? I mean, do you really want to brag about that? Doesn’t that mean your parents talked too much, too?

Which reminds me, when Lady Gaga won a Grammy some weeks ago, does that mean they gave her mother a Great-Grammy? I’m just asking…

And last March I paid $69.99 for twelve months of virus protection, guaranteed. So how come I have gotten two colds this year? What’s up with that?

And why am I asking these questions...


  1. So, I had to look up "second-generation air bags." Who knew that kid-friendlier airbags were introduced in 1998?

  2. You are too funny! Thanks for the laugh
    In from Sits
    Have a wonderful Weekend!!!